Rural Marketing Association of India

Understanding The Changing Face Of Rural India

In recent years, Indian rural markets have acquired significance, resulting into substantial increase in the purchasing power of the rural people. Rural India today accounts for about 50 percent of India’s GDP and nearly 70 percent of the country’s population.

Rural marketing involves dealing with over 700 million potential consumers and over 40 percent of the Indian middle income class. At Insight Outreach ( IOPL ) we understand rural consumers have higher aspirations, are more strongly networked physically and digitally and are more discerning.

The reach of mobile technology in the rural India have transformed their simple living habits and replaced an inherent instinct of restrain with an uninhibited tendency to indulge.

Dynamics of rural markets differ from other market types, thus rural marketing strategies are also significantly different from the marketing strategies aimed at urban consumers. At IOPL, we value the physical reach and connection with the heart and mind of the people using techniques and technologies, which creates experiences, that builds trust and loyalty with the rural consumers.

  • Covered more than one lakh villages & small towns across the country through various campaigns.
  • Reached more than 18000 rural schools.
  • Visited more than 1000 Haats with various brands.
  • Covered more than 200 Agri Mandis in South India.
  • Activated projects for over 80 Brands across different sectors.